Brad Slimp, Founder

Brad Slimp

Brad held the position of vice president at a large regional bank for over a decade. He loved helping people succeed financially and firmly believes that allowed him to become successful in his career early on. In his personal life, however, he had been away from the church body in which he was raised. In 2011, he rededicated his life to Jesus Christ. With his newfound spiritual eyes, and the new heart as promised in (Ezekiel 36:26) he made the difficult decision to change careers. God led him into His purpose at Reconciliation Outreach Ministries as a servant and the final Executive Director. Today he helps with the Blood and Water Ministries a non-denominational chartered church and 501c3. He has been made appearances on CBN with his spiritual mother, mentor, and friend Dorothy Moore. The most rewarding part of Brad’s job is seeing people reach their God-given potential. This includes second chances, getting out of poverty, obtaining an education, overcoming addictions, and sickness, and becoming whole and productive citizens. Brad is back in the business world today helping people with his God-given vocational gift; however, he has a passion for the lost, the broken, and those without hope. One of his favorite Christian movies is: