How to address the growing problems we face

Vision: To see the Kingdom of God advance through serving families to transform generations. 

Mission: Transforming individuals creating generational change by building strategic community relationships to uplift all people to their God given potential. We know discipleship, education, and meeting practical needs empowers parents and children to go beyond the limits of past generations. 


Discipleship (Relationship with Jesus Christ)

Hope (Promise of a new life and needs met)

Reconciliation (Restored Purpose)

We know that anyone no matter where you are can experience the awesome power of Jesus Christ. If you are seeking prayer or for deliverance, or have questions about resources available in Dallas, TX please contact us here

Restoration of Families and Hope for our City! 

  • According to Family Gateway, family homelessness accounts for 37% of the overall homeless population (nationally) and 50% of the sheltered population.
  • Dallas City Hall states more than 300,000 Dallas residents live in poverty and almost 600,000 live in housing distressed households.
  • In 2019, MDHA’s State of Homeless Address reported that in the City of Dallas there were 3,722 persons were reported experiencing homeless of which 1,153 were unsheltered.
  • The City of Dallas shows a 269% increase of growth in homelessness in the
    last 3 years. 
  • Every night there are 8,000 – 10,000 homeless needing beds at shelters
    each night. Dallas has about 2000 shelter beds. 
  • The City of Dallas has not added a single shelter bed in 10 years.

Help the parents, help the children.

What does this look like and what is the cost to you the tax payer?

In 2021, prisons cost $4,478,788,590
More than 500,000 Texans are under some form of supervision from the TDCJ
The Average Cost of Housing One Offender: $33,000/year+
37% recidivism (Source: TDCJ Annual Report.  A number thought to be far too low in view of the national estimates.)
Make an investment into the lives today like the one below: